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What can be done on SiviCITY?

Users, named 'Sivillians', inhabit the city and are allowed to either create their own personal Apartments, or hang out in Town Spaces. In these virtual areas, users can communicate, add friends, chat and trade items with each other. Users are allowed to purchase units of virtual currency, which can be used to purchase virtual apartments in different areas around the city, which you can fill with furniture, membership of exclusive clubs, or rounds of games. Players also have the opportunity to buy and build a shop and rule the city through the sophisticated business models the City allows you to create, the better your business, the more prestigious areas you can trade. Become a furniture reseller, own your own big casino and more, the choice is yours!

SiviCITY is designed to be a fun and safe atmosphere for many users to play and chat together and will be the main focus of Devvy - At the moment, we are actively developing SiviCITY as fast as possible and are aiming for an early 2017 release.

  • Dawn
  • Day
  • Sunset
  • Night
  • Dark
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